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Writer: Background color does not appear in pdf

asked 2017-06-19 07:40:08 +0100

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Hey guys, I have a document which will be converted into pdf. I want the whole background of the document to have a specific color (content + borders), which should also appear in the pdf. "Tools → Options → LibreOffice → Application" does NOT help because the color then does not appear in the pdf. - I hope it is clear what I'm asking for and hope someone can help me out! Thanks!

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answered 2017-06-19 11:18:16 +0100

You need to change the page background by modifying the page style in use. When you edit the page style, depending on the LibO version you use you have a tab called "Background" or "Area" where you can change the background colour. That will only change the text area, not the margins, though.

If you need the margins to have a background you need to do some tricks. First set the "real" page margins to zero, then on the "Borders" tab set a border (this will not be needed on 5.4, but on previous versions it is) and finally a "Spacing to content" that simulate the margins.

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