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Why "discard" terminology in save window [closed]

asked 2013-01-21 01:35:12 +0200

krashpass gravatar image

For many years now, most programs I've seen, use Save / Yes, No, Cancel in the save document pop up. Open Office and libreoffice decided to go with save or discard.

When you are working with a document and the term "discard" pops up, it side tracks your thinking patterns, and ends up being confusing. Discard means "Throw Away", and suddenly your mind starts thinking about the document, and says, "no I don't want to throw away my document."

As with most things a simple Yes or No is needed and is clear cut, with out secondary thought processes.

When ever you stray from patterns, it causes confusion and questions, and should only be used when necessary, not just in an attempt to be "different" or "new"

BTW I've been migrating back to Open Office as it is faster to open, and less cumbersome.

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answered 2013-01-21 12:47:37 +0200

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updated 2013-01-21 12:50:18 +0200

Modified dialog in LibreOffice 4.0.0 RC1


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