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JRE Problems in Win10

asked 2017-06-27 20:28:56 +0200

Junior53MI gravatar image

I upgraded to the newest version of LibreOffice, after that everytime I open LibreWrite I get a error pop up saying that Libre Office needs a JRE to run, or the JRE is defective. So I went to Oracle and downloaded the newest version of JRE and after that I rebooted everything. I still get the same pop up error message. Does anyone have any similar problems? Does anyone have any work a round's so I don't keep getting this pop up error message.

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answered 2017-06-27 20:52:39 +0200

Ratslinger gravatar image

The Java bit size must match LO. 32-bit LO uses 32-bit JRE and 64-bit LO needs 64-bit JRE. Also, from menu Tools->Options under LibreOffice->Advanced make sure Use a Java runtime environment is checked. If checked, you should see a JRE listed in the section below it. Make sure it is selected (one of them if more than one is installed):

image description

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