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Find Mode in Base

asked 2017-07-03 19:05:17 +0100

oakvich gravatar image

I'm switching from FileMaker and it has a nice keyboard shortcut using <command-f> which puts you into a "Find Mode". This allows you to search a whatever field you want while in a form. Was wondering if this already exists in base or if it's going to require some additional steps.

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answered 2017-07-03 19:48:29 +0100

librebel gravatar image

Hello @oakvich,

Have a look at the “Search Record” button that looks like a binocular, first item in the record Navigation toolbar.

To connect the shortcut key CTRL-F to this action, do this :
1. Select the menu “Tools : Customize...”,
2. in the dialog that pops up, select the Tab “Keyboard”,
3. in the “Category” listbox, select the item “Controls”,
4. in the “Functions” listbox, select the item “Find Record”,
5. then in the “Shortcut Keys” listbox, select the item “CTRL+F”,
6. press the “Modify” button.
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Thanks @librebel! That button wasn't showing so I had to change the view. Mine is the magnifying glass though?

Follow up question, how would I specify a search in two or more fields? Instead of looking for people with the just the last name of Smith I want to search for John Smith. The search dialog box doesn't work when I try that.

oakvich gravatar imageoakvich ( 2017-07-03 20:08:50 +0100 )edit

answered 2017-07-04 04:29:24 +0100

frofa gravatar image

updated 2017-07-04 08:53:01 +0100

Just use the FORM-BASED FILTER system built-in to Base - see HERE on how to use. It is very similar to the FIND MODE in FM and is much faster in searching than the 'binoculars' of FIND MODE (because the database engine itself does the searching)! There is a keyboard shortcut also - shift-command-L (MacOS) or shift-cntr-L (Windows).

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