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Convert 2D table to single column [closed]

asked 2017-07-04 08:48:46 +0200

pschonmann gravatar image

updated 2020-10-09 11:26:01 +0200

Alex Kemp gravatar image

Hi i have 2D Table

X1 X2 X3 X4

Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4

Z1 Z2 Z3 Z4

I want output










How to do that without copy & paste colums. Is there any handy tool ?

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Closed for the following reason the question is answered, right answer was accepted by Alex Kemp
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2 Answers

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answered 2017-07-04 09:32:22 +0200

JohnSUN gravatar image

updated 2017-07-04 10:22:52 +0200

If you ready use "a dirty hack" so do this:

  1. Ctrl+* (select full data range)
  2. Ctrl+C (or Ctrl+Ins - copy data to clipboard)
  3. Ctrl+End and twice Right arrow (or just mouse click - move cursor to empty cell)
  4. Ctrl+Shift+V (menu Edit-Paste Special), T (choose Transpose), Enter (paste and close menu)
  5. Ctrl+X (cut transposed table)
  6. Alt+F Enter Enter (create new empty Text Document)
  7. Ctrl+Shift+V F Enter (paste as Formatted Text RTF)
  8. Twice Up arrow (move cursor to any cell of table)
  9. Alt+A C A P Enter (choose menu Table-Convert-Table to Text Paragraph)
  10. Ctrl+A (or Ctrl+Shift+End - select all)
  11. Ctrl+C (copy)
  12. Alt+Tab (return to Calc)
  13. Choose target cell
  14. Press Ctrl+V

This sequence should not take you more than 30 seconds - it's a little faster than reinvent the formula to convert the data, or write macros

Convert Table To Single Column

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Works fine, but its too long. Expected internal function in CALC, anyway, thanks.

pschonmann gravatar imagepschonmann ( 2017-07-04 10:12:02 +0200 )edit

It's too long... Of course, you are fully right :-) In this case try correctly edit addresses in formula like as =IF(ROW()>COUNTA($A$1:$D$3);"";OFFSET($A$1;MOD((ROW()-1);ROWS($A$1:$D$3));INT((ROW()-1)/ROWS($A$1:$D$3))))

JohnSUN gravatar imageJohnSUN ( 2017-07-04 10:25:26 +0200 )edit

answered 2017-07-04 11:18:40 +0200

updated 2017-07-04 11:21:26 +0200

Let's say you want the resulting column to start from first row (e.g., from F1).

Then use following formula in F1:


and drag-copy it downwards as required. Of course, using range name instead of $A$1:$D$3 is preferable.

EDIT: sorry, @JohnSUN is better, as usual ;-)

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