Microsoft Word's normal view in Writer (Solution)

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I almost decided not to use LibreOffice because Writer did not appear to have a "Normal" view similar to normal view in MS Word. I did a ton of Googling and could never find the answer. Even an old question in this forum with the same subject as this thread, did not have a solution and is "closed". The hits Google found said this is a 10 year old bug that was never fixed.

Well I found the fix and wanted to post this so others trying to decide whether to use LibreOffice will know the solution.

The solution is: There is a menu option to hide white space. This in effect removes the top and bottom margins and makes the document look like MS Word's normal view.


That's it. Now the document will look like Word's normal view. I created two macros and added them to the standard toolbar. One named "NormView" and the other named "PageView". I can now switch between normal and page views with one click.

I'm running LibreOffice version

Hope this helps others, Raptor88

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