Calc takes forever to save and close

asked 2017-07-25 01:25:55 +0200

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Hi, Any spreadsheet I changed and want to save takes minutes to save and close. Version 5.2.7 seemed to work fine; when I upgraded to 5.3.4 the problems started (both 64bit and 32bit). Reinstalling 5.2.7 did not solve the issues. Eventually, Calc saves and closes but it's slow as molasses and gives me the "not responding" message in the top title bar. Any ideas? Nothing has changed on my PC other than the installation of a card reader connected to the on-board USB 3 connector. Thanks, Andy

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Please try resetting the user profile, sometimes solves strange issues. Usually it's enough renaming/deleting the file "user/registrymodifications.xcu", it affects all the options in Menu/Tools/Options, and the files "user/basic/dialog.xlc" and "scrip.xlc" are overwritten, additionally custom colors in "user/config/standard.soc" are lost.

m.a.riosv gravatar imagem.a.riosv ( 2017-07-25 12:21:36 +0200 )edit