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Please peruse this post:

Re: Replace paragraph break with line break (soft return)

This thread also doesn't yield the intended result: I am trying to replace the paragraph charachters with line break, can't figure it out. Dosen't have option for paragraph break, or does it, or i can't figure that out either

My LibreOffice Version: Version (Build ID: 400m0(Build:3))

I would like to replace all paragraph breaks (enter) with line breaks (shift/enter).

LibreOffice displays a character somewhat similar to the Unicode character ↲ for line breaks (shift/enter)

Is there an expression for line break in the Replace box?

It is easy to replace line breaks with paragraph breaks with Search = \n (finds line break) and Replace = \n (replaces with paragraph break).

But the solution link above doesn't work for LibreOffice.

Any suggestion?

Alt Macro is very complicated to use!

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