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Opening Multiple Recent Files

asked 2017-07-27 21:09:32 +0100

AdmFubar gravatar image

Not sure if i'm just missing on how to do this or this feature isn't available exist. Does anyone know of a solution?

Thank you.

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2 Answers

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answered 2018-02-05 05:08:29 +0100

2 way to do it. File, Open, then when your files are seen, high lite one, hold down shift, then scroll down with down arrow key, files will be high lited as you scroll down, then hit Enter. And or, to deselect one or more, let go of shift, hold down Ctrl, click ones to deselect, and with Ctrl down, select ones to open, then hit enter. Hope that is it and helps.

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answered 2018-02-05 17:07:45 +0100

AdmFubar gravatar image

Nope not what i am asking about. Yes one can open multiple files in a file dialog. That is easy and well known. Can one open multiple files in the recent document list? Either from the thumbnail list or from the drop down menu?

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