Navigation toolbar appears on inserting header/footer in a document [closed]

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Hi All, I do not knwo if this problem has been tackled before.. When I insert a footer or header in a document, by clicking on the "+" button at the top or bottom of the page to insert a standard footer or header, the navigation toolbar appears unwanted. See the read circles in the attachement. I find this annoying. Is it a bug that I need to report? Or am I doing someting wrong here? The only way to get rid of getting rid of this navigiation toolbar is each time it appears following these steps.. " 1) select view menu 2) go to toolbars 3) uncheck navigation toolbar. This 'problem' i have for several years now and each time i hope it will be resolved, Still continues. I made some new clean installs on several machines during the time, but that is not the solution. Maybe one of you can help; otherwise maybe i can file it as a bug. OS: Windows 10 x-64 LO:5.3.4rc 2 (and lots of previous versions).

I hope soem one knows how to solve this.



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