Text Disappeared after saving Document [closed]

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I typed a one-page document, saved it upon closing, re-opened it - and it's BLANK!

What happened to the text?

When the document is open, it shows "0 words" and "0 characters" and yet, the file size is 4KB, which is comparable to other one-page documents I have typed.

I checked the document for "Properties, Previous Versions" - there are no previous versions available.

I can't find a "backup" anywhere.

I checked to see if I had loaded a blank full page image over the text (the solution to a similar issue on the LibreOffice forum) - but that wasn't the issue.

No luck with Google search.

Any solutions, resolutions, suggestions, advice?

Thanks very much!

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I see your question is from Aug 2018. I have just installed LO5.4.4.2 (Jan 2018) and after successfully creating several documents the same thing happened to me. While adding something at the end of the document suddenly the characters were not visible any more so I closed the document and unfortunately chose save and close. When I opened the document again everything was gone except one .png picture I pasted in. I deleted the file and started a new text doc, I can't see the text

Hentie gravatar imageHentie ( 2018-01-03 10:07:32 +0200 )edit