calc export sheet to csv rather than save as

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Although the question has already been "handled" in 2012/13 (, I'd like to raise this issue again:

  • It is possible to implement an export filter under FILE > EXPORT... / filetype=csv to export the content of the active worksheet to a csv file being free to choose codepage, field separator, decimal separator, text indicator, alignment, ... without changing the ods file just open?

  • Is the current state "just" a question of available programming resources that other features have to be done first, or is it a deliberate design decision to keep it that way? And how much effort would it be to implement such a filter in the regular menu structure? (Alas, I do not have the necessary programming skills in C to contribute actively.)


I do not understand (execpt, of course, for the fact that the honorable volunteers have so many more important issues to solve), why this afaic horrible design decision (csv only save as, changing the file type rather than export) of MS has been adopted. To me, it appears that MS tries deliberately and devotedly to impede any interoperability with non-MS software, hence they implemented a functionality to convert to csv but made it (a) as intricately as possible, (b) put confusing message dialogues inside, and (c) "attached" a trap by changing the file type thus if you click "yes" when closing you lose everything except the current worksheet. Casual users will be made insecure and cannot concentrate on their workflow but rather have to pay utmost attention to not destroy the last xx hours of work unrecoverably with a mouse click.

Ok, there is a macro solution available (in both excel and calc), but this is a large surplus efford to me. And it appears counter-intuitive in many situatons: I have many different sheets doing some data manipulation. Then, I compile one sheet with some essential results, which I need in my proper statistics software (R, in my case; I am aware that R has an ods import functionality). This I want to make available outside. It would be most logical to "export" the current worksheet (or, even better, a highlighted cell array) into csv. E.g., if I have to change something, I can do it in calc and re-export as often as required not having to bother about file type and what is store where.

I highly appreciate that LO supports the codepage in a much better way than Excel does, this is already a great step forward.

Therefore, I still hope to find a csv filter in the export menu one day...

And, finally, thanks to all you out there for providing this grand program.

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Don't have an answer, but ...

I had to read this several times to figure out exactly what you are asking for. That probably means that some others who could help will ignore this question. I find that separating out simple and direct questions from supporting text really helps.

Also, when trying anything "interesting", always make a backup first, so hours of work are not lost.

josephj11 gravatar imagejosephj11 ( 2017-08-06 14:10:42 +0200 )edit

@josephj: thanks for the hint, I edited the question, hope it is clearer now. As regards backups: you are right, important files have to be backuped regularly, My actual case yesterday: For a complex analysis in R, I decided to solve certain steps in calc and added some 5 sheets there. finally I wanted to quickly re-import it to R and almost forgot to NOT exit with save=yes thus losing the new sheets. Luckily, I had saved the calc before the export. This was startling, therefore, I am asking now

Mike Ehrmantraut gravatar imageMike Ehrmantraut ( 2017-08-06 17:02:04 +0200 )edit