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Merge variable image into frame? [closed]

asked 2013-02-13 04:26:34 +0100

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I use a veterinary program called Avimark. It is the most popular veterinary management program in the world, with some 10,000 active hospitals. Documents can be managed either with MSWord or "OpenOffice" (it works fine with LibreOffice, and works with LO 4.0). There is a BIG problem which prevents more of us from using LO.

In MSWord, a user can make a document with a text box, convert that text box to a frame (in order to keep the image from becoming larger than the frame, and merge an image from a variable file into the frame. In LO, when I try that, I get the following error:

I greatly appreciate the FOSS community and love the work that the LO programmers have done, but I have been reporting this since OOo 1, and haven't gotten anyone who is willing to work with this. Is there something I can do or donate to get this issue resolved?

Thanks for any consideration you might give this matter.

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answered 2013-02-13 06:28:37 +0100

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Hi @omgdz,

I've looked around a bit, and I don't see an active bug filed for this problem. Even if embedding an image in this fashion is prohibited, we should be able to give you a better/more descriptive error than "" :-)

I tried to follow your instructions in Writer, and was able to create a Text Box and protect its size, but I wasn't sure how I should merge an image into the text box (perhaps as some kind of background image?).

Please file a bug report and provide as much information as possible, including the steps necessary to make this error occur. The QA team will be happy to help you verify and triage this issue in the bugtracker.

If you do file a bug, please post a link to it in a comment below using the format "fdo#123456".


For reference, here's an entry from the Avimark site that references this error:

Q: I'm having problems printing documents [in OO]. Either the document prints without any of the variables filled in or I get the error (

A: Make sure your [.doc file] does not have a text box or merge word for an image because OpenOffice does not merge images from AVImark (it generates an error instead.) The merge words to look out for are <animal-pic> and <logo> usually.

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