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I have 3 computers in a network at home. I have always copied all my files to another computer, using windows explorer. I had been tired to do this manually, so I did a backup from a folder to another folder in another computer on network using robocopy. After this, all LibreOffice files at this folder don't open through the network, so I need to copy the file from a remote computer to my computer and open it locally. How Can I solve this? For example, If I try to open a file from another folder at the same remote computer, It opens normally.

I used this code to copy:

robocopy.exe "\PC1\FOLDER 1\SUBFOLDER 1" "PCremote\FOLDER 1\SUBFOLDER 1" /E

If I try to open a LibreOffice file at "PCremote\FOLDER 1\SUBFOLDER 1\Test.odt" it doesn't open.

If I try to open a Microsoft Office file at "PCremote\FOLDER 1\SUBFOLDER 1\Test.xlsx" it opens.

If I try to open a LibreOffice file at "PCremote\FOLDER 2\ANOTHER FOLDER\Test.odt" it opens.

If I change the file's name, IT OPENS! Like this: From "PCremote\FOLDER 1\SUBFOLDER 1\Test.odt" to "PCremote\FOLDER 1\SUBFOLDER 1\Testing.odt"

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A couple of suggestions to help us narrow-down the problem: 1) What happens if you try to copy around other file types such as plain-text (.txt) or RTF? 2) What version of LO are you using? 3) How are you trying to open files? (double-clicking the icon, using File -> Open, or ?)

qubit gravatar imagequbit ( 2012-06-25 20:57:51 +0200 )edit