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Now and then my menus collapse.

Hjælp menu is collapsed

This is sometimes true for all menus, and sometimes only one type of menus (eg. pop-up menus).

When it happens, it affects all LibreOffice programs. It disappears when all Libre Office programs have been closed.

What causes that? And what can I do to avoid this happening?

Version: Build ID: 7556cbc6811c9d992f4064ab9287069087d7f62c CPU tråde: 4; Styresystem: Windows 6.2; Gengiver af brugergrænseflade: Standard; Lokalisering: da-DK (da_DK); Calc: group Monitor setup: 1 internal (1600x900) + 1 external (1920x1080).

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Having this problem as well on Windows 10 x64 and LibO 5.3.3 updating to 5.3.4 has reduced the rate of occurence significantly. Can be observed on several clients and users.

From end user perspective it looks like LibO thinks there's no space to draw the menu. Might have to do with 2-external + 1 internal monitor setup?

Stephan S. gravatar imageStephan S. ( 2017-08-23 18:41:38 +0100 )edit

I am having this problem as well.

Veridical Angel gravatar imageVeridical Angel ( 2019-03-08 19:13:33 +0100 )edit

Had this problem before. This time, it persists. Even after closing and reopening all LO applications, the top menu and the context menu remains collapsed.

schuetzin gravatar imageschuetzin ( 2019-05-10 00:13:16 +0100 )edit