Lool - restrain the access from an Ip instead of domain names

asked 2017-08-26 22:30:33 +0200

quenenni gravatar image

Libre office online

In the file (/opt/online/)loolwsd.xml, you have to put the domain names that can access lool. If I put there the ip address from the remote server I want to give access, it doesn't work, it can't access lool.

<storage desc="Backend storage">
    <filesystem allow="false" />
    <wopi desc="Allow/deny wopi storage. Mutually exclusive with webdav." allow="true">
        <host desc="Regex pattern of hostname to allow or deny." allow="true">localhost</host>
        <host desc="Regex pattern of hostname to allow or deny." allow="true">cloud\.xxx\.net</host>

Isn't there a way to tell lool to accept all the requests from an ip address whatever the domain names are?

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Hello @quenenni,

Your current regexp allows access only if the hostname is literally equal to "cloud.xxx.net". You could try ".*" to allow all hostnames.

librebel gravatar imagelibrebel ( 2017-08-27 00:25:20 +0200 )edit

@librebel Thanks for the idea. My idea was to authorize a list a Ip. But with your idea, I can use iptables to whitelist the Ip I want.

quenenni gravatar imagequenenni ( 2017-08-27 00:49:45 +0200 )edit