Merging Writer (and more) documents based on compared documents

asked 2017-08-28 14:37:42 +0200

tribis gravatar image

I understand that documents may be merged when there are tracked changes made on the same document. It would be useful to be able also to merge documents with tracked changes made on different documents I could not make this to work ("impossible to merge documents"). Is this possible at all?

One still more useful procedure would be to be able to merge documents based on tracked changes, that are the result of a "compare document" operation. This seems also not to be possible. In particular this would be extremely useful for three-way merges were it would enable a system to create a merged document containing the changes to the base document made by both versions to be merged.

If, as I believe, this is not possible, what do you think are the chances of an enhancement request, and where should I make it?

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