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Mail Merge wizard does not send e-mails

asked 2017-08-28 15:00:02 +0200

asteroid gravatar image

updated 2017-08-29 18:35:47 +0200

Hi to all.

I'm testing the mail merge wizard to send a Writer sheet to multiple mail addresses, but I always get the same message error:

image description

My settings are correct and the Test Setting works:

image description

Can anyone help me? Thanks.

My o.s. is Mac OSX 10.7.5 and LO version is 4.3.7, but I have try in Windows 7 and in Ubuntu yet.

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2 Answers

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answered 2017-08-30 09:36:17 +0200

updated 2017-08-30 09:48:43 +0200

Ciao, are you sure that your settings are correct? That test could give a "false positive". Try with Use secure connection (SSL) check mark. And also configure Server Authentication and port 587. On my system, it works.

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answered 2017-08-30 09:38:41 +0200

asteroid gravatar image

Wonderful, it works! You are a magician! Thank you so much.

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