Pyzo IDE tool - PyUNO Workspace

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PyUNO Workspace is a modified version of Pyzo's tool Workspace, designed for Python and PyUNO introspection. Pyzo is a free and open-source Python IDE based on Python.


  • inspect Python and PyUNO objects
  • set arguments for methods to drill down
  • for examined objects:
    • find code examples
    • find code snippets
  • generate code snippet
  • and more:
    • search UNO API documentation (UNO2Dash required)
    • inspect selected property or method in shell (unostarter required)
    • project template for macros or custom scripts (unostarter required)

Status: Alpha

Please be aware that the list above is not set in stone and use at your own risk.

Where to find it:

All feedback is appreciated!


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