Unable to copy text from onenote to libreoffice writer

asked 2017-09-22 19:19:10 +0200

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Hi, I am planning on switching to open source apps and doing that one by one. I uninstalled MSOffice and am using LibreOffice now. I use Onenote (free version) by MS to create and share notes between my Windows 10 pro laptop and Android phone. But when I tried to copy text (no image or links) from Onenote to LibreOffice it just wouldn't paste. I am able to paste the text into other editors such as notepad or wordpad, which comes with windows. Why is this? One workaround is to paste the text into notepad and then copy it from there and paste it into LibreOffice. But I would like to be able to do that directly.

On a side note is there an open source version of notes sharing application which can sync notes between my Windows PC and android phone like Onenote? I should be able to make offline edits and those changes should sync when I come online. It should also have to the ability to embed images and links. Being able to draw using a stylus on phone would be preferable but is optional. I considered Evernote but I heard that the free version limits the MBs you can upload per month and I will have to pay for the full features. Thanks in advance to everyone who answers...

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 pro
LibreOffice version: (x64)
OneNote version: 17.8568.57561.0

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