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How can I make the screen display wider than 8.5"?

asked 2017-09-26 01:56:47 +0100

Libreted gravatar image

In Word I made a table wider than 8.5". When I opened it with Libre Writer it displays fine. I cut out part of the table and pasted it into a blank Libre Writer document. There it will not display beyond 8.5". How can I fix that? Right now I don't care about printing it; I just need to see the whole width of the cut out piece of the table on the screen. Thanks.

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answered 2017-10-09 17:49:44 +0100

Libreted gravatar image

For this particular situation, I found one thing that worked well for viewing and fairly well for printing: Click on "Format," then "page," then check "landscape." But I really need to slightly adjust the dimensions of the table for a perfect print job; apparently there are some compatibility problems for tables created in Word.

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answered 2017-10-09 20:17:58 +0100

Lady Fitzgerald gravatar image

I couldn't replicate the problem (sorry) but one thing that has helped me with other issue was to create a template from a blank Word doc and use that in Writer. Mayhap that would help here?

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answered 2017-09-26 15:08:52 +0100

You may use the Web view mode.

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Thanks. That worked. Now if I do decide to print it (in landscape mode), how would I go about it?

Libreted gravatar imageLibreted ( 2017-09-27 16:19:30 +0100 )edit
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