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asked 2017-09-27 13:43:39 +0200

mikesydwest gravatar image

I am trying to create a place holder in the form of a ellipse, before importing the image.

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Closed for the following reason duplicate question by Lupp
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answered 2017-09-27 14:06:33 +0200

Lupp gravatar image

Please don't "bump" a question prematurely and not at all by doubling it. Better answer the question in return in the other thread by @Regina who is a very experienced user and knows for what she needs additinal info.

Also read my answer in the other thread and comment on it if it doesn't meet your needs exactly before annoying everybody by creating doubled threads. Otherwise helper's efforts trying to help even based on insufficient information are simply wasting time.

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apologies didnt think I explained it properly

mikesydwest gravatar imagemikesydwest ( 2017-09-28 13:00:23 +0200 )edit

(No matter. I just gave some information in a "dry" way.)

Please edit you original question (OQ) if you think you should clarify something.
It's good practice then, to keep the original content and the amendments apart.

Lupp gravatar imageLupp ( 2017-09-28 13:57:16 +0200 )edit

thanks I will try, I am having trouble loading an image to show what is happening, and cant find the edit button - what a mess, an old man trying to learn this is so hard

mikesydwest gravatar imagemikesydwest ( 2017-10-01 02:47:10 +0200 )edit

I am not sure what 'edit button' you are looking for. LibO will not provide means to edit images.
I will attach another example together with a short explanation to my answer in the other thread.
.... And I will reopen that thread.

Lupp gravatar imageLupp ( 2017-10-01 14:58:05 +0200 )edit

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