LibreOffice freezes after clicking "Tools-Options-LibreOffice-View" [closed]

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Linux Mint, MATE (gnome2)

I decided to re-install LibreOffice. After re-installing Libreoffice starts to hang after clicking Tools-Options-LibreOffice-View. If I delete libreoffice-gnome, Libreoffice just crashes after clicking it.

Could you please explain what's the problem?

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How did you re-install LibO? Did you remove the old version first? What language setting do you have? Are you using Mate or Gnome2? What version of Linix-Mint Mate are you using. The more information you give, the more others can help. I have no problem with Linux-Mint Mate En-GB using 5.3, 5,4 and no 6.0.

petermau gravatar imagepetermau ( 2017-10-13 18:04:02 +0100 )edit