Why can't I run LibreOffice Writer with Lubuntu Linux

asked 2017-10-12 15:27:31 +0200

RogerLTVPRB-WC gravatar image

updated 2017-10-22 19:51:34 +0200

When I try to run LibreOffice Writer under Lubuntu Linux, Lubuntu announces an internal error. Lubuntu continues to run, but Writer does not run. This problem has occurred for over a year--with no fix to correct it. Where is the problem -- with Lubuntu or LibreOffice? If it's with LibreOffice, when can I expect a fix?

BTW, all other LibreOffice products work. Only Writer does not work.

Here are the details:

Error Message: Lubuntu 17.04 has experienced an internal error Executable path: /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/soffice.bin Package: Libreoffice-core 1:5.3.1-Oubuntu2 Problem type: crash AppostVersion: 2.20.4-Oubuntu4.5 Architecture: i386 Current desktop: LXDE Distrorelease: Lubuntu 17.04

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Is it a build from your OS repos or from the official site?

gabix gravatar imagegabix ( 2017-10-23 08:19:59 +0200 )edit