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How do I arrange My documents Alphabetically?

asked 2017-10-15 15:58:05 +0200

fitz tulip gravatar image

its is hard to find document if it is not listed alphabetically.

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What are you talking of?
Is this about your documents as they are displayed by any means provided by your operating system?
The details, please. Otherwise you may waste your own time and the time of those trying to help, too.

You got a similar comment on your previous post. I will close that one now as a duplicate.of this one.

Provide the needed information, please!

Lupp gravatar imageLupp ( 2017-10-15 18:04:35 +0200 )edit

3 Answers

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answered 2017-10-15 18:13:53 +0200

petermau gravatar image

From within LibreOffice I have two choices (Linux-Mint with 5.3, 5.4 and 6.0).

1 FILE > RECENT Documents that give me access two the last 25 LibO documents of all types (Writer, Calc etc) I have been working with. This is usually the most useful for me.

2 FILE > OPEN which opens the file manager. I can then choose whichever details I want, Alphabetical, Most recent, oldest, just writer etc.

These two provide me with all I need within LibO. ~Unless I have misunderstood you question.

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answered 2017-10-15 18:07:20 +0200

komma4 gravatar image

What are you talking about? Using the Openor Save file dialogues, you can sort the entries by name clicking on the Name column header...

Does this solve your problem?

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answered 2017-10-15 18:29:42 +0200

Lupp gravatar image

updated 2017-10-15 18:31:17 +0200

Now also guessing that the >'File' > 'Recent' menu path is addressed (See answer by @petermau ), or the thumbnail collection on the otherwise empty LibreOffice desktop after opening LibO without a document:

This gives access to the most recently edited files in the order from 'now' to 'long ago'. This order is the core of the offered functionality. It acannot be changed.

If the collections-per-document-type presented as icons in the taskbar of Windows is meant: Donno. Suppose there's no way.

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