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How to get and set ArrayData in PageFooter when more then one row exists [closed]

asked 2017-10-29 07:42:34 +0200

xoristzatziki gravatar image

I have a BASIC macro that displays a report from a BASE app and reads and writes in some report footer cells. Macro works OK if page footer contains only "one row" (1 label control and, next to it, 1 numeric textbox containing a "calculated running total" with same height). oData() = tbl.getDataArray() and oData(0)(1) = "has the value:" & oData(0)(3) tbl.setDataArray( oData()) work as expected. The label changes to "has the value:XXXX"

If the page contains controls in a second row then oData() = tbl.getDataArray() crashes the app. I created a simplified odb but I have no points to upload it.


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answered 2017-10-29 10:21:41 +0200

xoristzatziki gravatar image

By using tbl.getSupportedServiceNames(),.dbg_properties,.dbg_methods and many, many "try and error" methods I found that oCell = tbl.GetCellByPosition(s1,s2) , `oText= oCell.String and oCell.String = "BLAHBLAH" can read and write text.

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