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Is it Possible to Create a Link that Sends File as Attachments [closed]

asked 2017-11-01 01:09:34 +0200

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I am curious if it is possible to combine the "Insert Hyperlink -> Email" and "File -> Send -> Email Document" features? Essentially, I would like to be able to insert a link into a document that, when clicked, brings up the same dialog as selecting the "Email Document" option would.

I am working on using the API with a Java program; the end goal is to create a timesheet generator that could, once filled out, be readily mailed to the appropriate supervisor.

Is this possible?


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answered 2017-11-01 06:26:44 +0200

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updated 2017-11-01 06:30:38 +0200

Maybe using a macro? This forum post looks promising:

The Insert Hyperlink dialog has a function to activate a macro on click. It's a textless button under Further Settings on LO 5.4.

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