LibreOffice calc not showing colored cell referring since update to [closed]

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Working an a Linux debian unstable system, I upgraded to LibreOffice version

Problem with LibreOffice calc: normally if I click inside a cell that contains a formula referring to other cells, the cell coordinates would get different colors and the cells the formula refers to get the same color. This is a very important feature to be able to debug formulas. In the version above, this does not work any longer. All the colors of the cell coordinates stays black and the cells referred to don't show in any color.

Also Shift+F4 for changing from relative to absolute coordinates does not work.

Any solution?

EDIT: apparently the behavior has changed. I have to double-click the cell now and then it works. So this can be closed or either remaining here for others.

EDIT 2: Shift+F4 has been replaced by F4. The LibreOffice help still specifies Shift+F4 though. See

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