how to save only current document in BASE?

asked 2017-11-05 15:57:07 +0200

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In BASE when a document(report, form, table, query) is saved, we must save all changed objects in order to ensure the document is saved in odb. But in many occasions we have to open several documents (at least two) in which we may not want the changes to be included in the odb.

Example: Sometimes I open some forms maximized in order to have the entire image (or sometimes resize them somehow to fit in my screen). If I make changes to one of them and want to save the changes of that specific form in the odb only, I have to close (without saving) all other documents and reopen them after saving. Or (another scenario) save odb and then open every other document and undo the changes (by memory...) and resave.

Is there any macro (or other way) to save only the current document in the odb?

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