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I want to redistribute the contents of one column into several [closed]

asked 2017-11-06 03:33:12 +0100

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updated 2020-08-13 16:49:09 +0100

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I have one column of data, of the form -

Original Data

  • [Icon0001]
    Monitor=0 etc.

I want to make it into 6 columns of the form

Icon Number Status  X=      Y=          Name            Path                        Monitor

[Icon0001] Legacy=0 XCoord=14 YCoord=118 Name=Dell Path=C:\Users\Dell Monitor=0;

[Icon0002] Legacy=0 XCoord=14 YCoord=2 Name=Computer Path=::{20D04FE0.. ..09D} Monitor=0

The original data is a long text file with each datum on one line, so L O Calc is importing it as a single column. Can anyone tell me how to fix this. I don't know whether I should be doing something different when I import the data, or if I can use some combination of formulae and filtering. Please help as I am fairly inexperienced with spreadsheets and this is giving me a headache!

Ciao, Kaelkitty.

From your answer

"You either have to preprocess your data in a text editor to convert each newline not preceeded by x into some other delimiter, or create a macro."

Given that this is a LONG file (about 400 items or 2400 lines in it's present form) I don't really fancy doing that many cut and paste operations, preprocessing would seem to be a no-go. I've never written a macro in Calc so I'd appreciate some help in knowing what to do.

I also tried copying and rewriting the formula {=T(OFFSET($A$1;ROW()*4+0;0))} that JOHNSUN mentioned in the comment on your answer but I can't seem to get the changes that would work on my sheet.

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Preprocessing isn't necessarily "many cut and paste operations". In many plain-text editors, you can simply use regular expressions to do the preprocessing easy. E.g., a search regex ^(\[[^\n]*\])\s*\n([^\n]*)\n([^\n]*)\n([^\n]*)\n([^\n]*)\n([^\n]*)\n([^\n]*) and replacement string $1\t$2\t$3\t$4\t$5\t$6\t$7 would work for me with Notepad++.

Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2017-11-06 08:17:10 +0100 )edit

Hmmm, I've got Notepad, Wordpad and LibreOffice Writer on my system - no Notepad++. Notepad is the only one I really cope well with (I've got disability issues with my memory and find the others very complex to use). I just want to get this data into readable form!

Kaelkitty gravatar imageKaelkitty ( 2017-11-06 22:04:01 +0100 )edit

I've been mulling over potential formulae, and have come up with something I could use to auto-fill the information in the pattern I want, but I still have a problem. I want to use a pattern like this - =IF(A20<>"begins with [Icon"," ",A20) except I can't work out how to replace "begins with [Icon" with an actual comparison that works

Kaelkitty gravatar imageKaelkitty ( 2017-11-06 22:30:17 +0100 )edit

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answered 2017-11-06 05:04:34 +0100

See @JohnSUN's comment. Or preprocess it previously to importing.

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