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Hi, i was working in libreoffice realy old version until yesterday. Since long time scrolling in writer with more than say 10 images slows down to very annoying slash unworkable. I am using an iMac i7 with 32GB and i did all the memory tweaks Nothing helps, only working in "wire-frame"/placeholder mode. I yesterday downloaded the latest version from the site because was working on a nice paper and i thought maybe this issue would be addressed nowadays. I am really disappointed to see these has not become any better after all these time passed by. It appears even to be worse then ever. Ok, than back to wire-frame display of the images, which is the only method to get a workable environment. So far so good. (Or actually not so good, but we've got to live with it and the document has to be finished....)

Today i opened my calc sheets to enter some numbers and make some charts. There i found the next big problem. scrolling down is totally broken now. I search a lot of forums and found all sorts of problems related to the scrolling. Most of them annoyingly ignored because "did not reproduce" or "not an LO problem" or "OS X gestures not supported" and more... I tried all three versions available on the website (5.4.2 5.3.7 and 5.3.6) In all of these versions the scrolling is broken. The scrolling up is working (as far as i can see) normally but scrolling down is totally unresponsive. After searching my NAS i found a torrent file which had the version in it's name i was using in it. From the archives i re-downloaded this version (5.0.5) and i can confirm: scrolling is working just perfectly fine....

In the meantime i also discovered there appears to be a minimum height for a calc window???? I can't get it smaller than about half the height of my screen. (also in all three "recent" versions). What is wrong with libreoffice these days?? I think these basic functions should work flawlessly. How come they are broken and why are'nt they fixed?

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You might be more likely to get an answer if you post a single clear question. Although it can be really frustrating and upsetting when programs don't work the way you want them to, you might want to soften your tone a bit. People may be more likely to answer your question if you ask in a polite and clear manner.

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