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Regarding Inserting new chapter number in header after completion of old chapter

asked 2017-11-12 18:57:44 +0200

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updated 2017-11-12 18:58:45 +0200

Hello, I am writing a report which contains five chapters, and i have inserted the header and footer to the pages and have made it mirrored image (in the page layout since our format says so..). I have chapters (say pages 1-10 is chapter 1, page 11-20 is chapter 2, pages 21-30 is chapter 3, pages 31-40 is chapter 4, pages 41-50 is chapter 5). Now i have typed chapter 1 and now i want from page 11-20 as chapter 2, but it is not getting changed... I even tried the break-page break, but still, the same problem is there... But this problem doesn't occur in windows (Microsoft word) where the option is there as page break and remove the link to the previous page, which is completely missing in libreimpress writer... How do i solve this issue..?? Thank you..

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answered 2017-11-12 19:45:10 +0200

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Writer works on a different way. You have the page style concept that it's completely absent on Word (as far as I can remember), and also makes heavy use of outline levels and fields. It goes like this.

You use particular paragraph styles for your headings. Let's say you use Heading 1 to name your chapters.

On Tools → Chapter numbering (was Outline numbering on old versions) you can choose which paragraph style correspond to which outline level. Default option is that Heading 1 corresponds to Level 1.

Now on your page style you enable the headers and on one page you put the cursor on it.

Finally, Insert → Field → More Fields → Document tab → under Type select Chapter → under Format select Chapter name → Insert.

That field will update automatically when a new chapter is started by the use of Heading 1 paragraph style, so you'll get the right chapter name on the right pages.

Note that you can automatically assign a page break to a paragraph style in order to start each chapter on a new page: just edit Heading 1 paragraph style and on the Text flow tab you'll be able to set the automated page break.

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