Copy data between two sheets that have differently named columns. Merge?

asked 2017-11-15 20:25:15 +0200

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To start with thank you.

I have to copy data from multiple exported spreadsheets to there respective template spreadsheets. I know I can do this the old manual way of copy/paste but, there seems like there should be an easier way.


  1. Source spreadsheet has all of our exported data with the first row being the names of the columns. The template has differently named columns in the first row.
  2. I need to take the source data in each column and copy it to the template which has different "header" names. Keeping the template column names and dropping the source header name.
  3. My first thought was to do a merge, but I've never done it in Libreoffice and I honestly don't know if this is the way to correctly do it.


Source Row 1, Column 1 = Customer ID

Template Row 1, Column 1 = ID

I have about 10 spreadsheets to do this to, but the old copy paste just seems like a huge waste of time when there should be an easier way.

Thank you again.

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Maybe you will find something helpful from

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