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How to embed a libreoffice gtk tiled view in a python application

asked 2017-11-15 22:47:43 +0100

aggelalex gravatar image

Hello fellow LibreOfficers! I'm a young developer, developing for a hobby, and I am trying to create my own office-suite in Python, using Gtk and Granite. I intent to base it on LibreOffice, but I don't know how to embed a page view in it, like a Gtk widget or something. I have read something about a "libreofficekit/qa/gtktiledviewer/*". Is there anything like an example of it in python or something?

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answered 2017-11-16 15:11:03 +0100

Jim K gravatar image

According to

LibreOfficeKit can be used for accessing LibreOffice functionality through C/C++.

So no, probably won't find a Python example for that. Perhaps you could build a C++ .so or .dll file that uses LibreOfficeKit and then use the Python ctypes library to access it.

I do not see an example for the tiled functionality. From reading online archived messages, it sounds like tiled may be possible but still unstable, so my guess is that is why there is not much guidance on how to do it.

There is an example of using LibreOfficeKit at, so that looks like the best place to start.

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