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How to add page numbers to start from specific page or pages for APA style

asked 2017-11-18 13:15:51 +0200

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Actually I find the solution myself. I read the manual for page numbering section and I couldn't do this with manual. I think we need more clear explanation. How did I do that. For Apa style page numbers should be on the right corner in header. Put cursor to page you want to add number Click F11 or Styles --> Styles and Formatting In the pop up menu Page Style-->Then double click to Firs Page Now add header to page you want to add page number, then put your cursor to end of the previous page then Insert--> Manual Break --> Page Break-->Styles choose the Default Style and Click Change page number with option "1" Now click to header in page you want to add page number Insert-->Page number and with "Tab" key you can push to numbers to the right corner. That it :)

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answered 2017-11-18 14:20:05 +0200

ajlittoz gravatar image

Never do this:

then put your cursor to end of the previous page then Insert--> Manual Break --> Page Break-->Styles choose the Default Style

because even the smallest change preceding this location can move the page end. Then, either you have an empty space at the bottom of your first page, or a few lines on the top of a nearly empty page before your intended new page.

The correct way is to chain pages styles. First Page page style is intended to be the first page of a "section" (e.g. a chapter or other relevant part of your document). The Next Style drop-down menu in the Organizer tab of the style definition/configuration dialog is by default set to Default Style. This means that when text flow reaches the end of First Page, page style automatically switches to Default Style.

This feature can be used on any page style to switch from one style to another without caring for the exact location of the page break in "standard" text flow.

Another alternative is to uncheck Same content on first page box in Header or Footer tabs. But, I personally find this latter feature less versatile than the page styles linking.

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