Possible to define Calc function that call out ot Java/Perl/Python/Awk

asked 2017-11-26 14:13:34 +0100

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I'm trying to finagle a low-quality csv spreadsheet provided by my bank. It is difficult to import and needs data cleanup, string manipulation, conversion of types, internationalization etc. etc.

While I like Calc, the cell-level functions provided by Calc, while traditional, are medieval and inflexible and I'm not in the mood of jumping through extensive hoops to get results (my times of 80s' BASIC programmer are long past, my patience for looking at long oneliners is gone, so is my eyesight).

Is there are way to define LibreOffice functions that call out to a Java library, a Perl/Awk/Python script, or some other $FAVORITE_POWERFUL_LANGUAGE_WHETHER_SCRIPTED_OR_COMPILED? It would make my day.

Otherwise I will have to code a proper import program that then generates an OpenDocument via OFDOM ... but that will take more time.

(Update: Should I study UNO ?)

Thanks in advance.

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