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Where does LibreOffice expect user scripts (Python/Java/JavaScript) to be located on Ubuntu? [closed]

asked 2017-12-15 13:10:13 +0200

Bojan Markovic gravatar image

updated 2021-02-09 16:07:34 +0200

Alex Kemp gravatar image

LibreOffice on Ubuntu by default creates this location under /home/<username>:


Since I couldn't find the answer to the question in my title online, I've, based on existing answers for Windows, assumed it is expecting it in:


But *.py files from that location are not displayed under Organize Macros.. -> Python -> My Macros (nor in any other "Directory" on that dialog).

This is all under:

Xubuntu Zesty 17.04
LibreOffice 5.3.1-0ubuntu2

Does anyone know where does LibreOffice on Ubuntu expects the user scripts to be?

Note that I explicitly, and for multiple reasons, do not want to utilise the system-wide location under /usr/lib

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Sorry for off-topic, but I was wondering if you are interested to help grow LO community on Know there is not much users visit that site and you probably wont get answers as good as here on English version, but I just wanted to let you know that that site exists in case you're interested. Thanks.

Kruno gravatar imageKruno ( 2017-12-15 13:22:44 +0200 )edit

Don't know if you looked here: Change folder where macros are stored. Not exactly what you're looking for, but might give you a clue.

Kruno gravatar imageKruno ( 2017-12-15 13:25:56 +0200 )edit

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answered 2017-12-15 15:29:54 +0200

Jim K gravatar image

updated 2017-12-15 15:32:46 +0200

...assumed it is expecting it in ~/.config/libreoffice/4/user/Script/python/

Not quite; it should be:


However, if no other python files appear, then the issue is likely that you need to install python support as described here. A discussion from someone with the same problem is here.

sudo apt-get install libreoffice-script-provider-python

The APSO extension will help you create Python macros in the correct location:

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