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connect calc to registered db [closed]

asked 2017-12-18 22:38:35 +0200

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updated 2020-10-24 12:05:00 +0200

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Hi, I've created a MySql database and then used LOBase to connect to it. It shows the tables correctly. How can I connect a LOcalc sheet to this registered db?.

One site , [Tutorial] Using registered datasources in Calc, I visited says: "In Calc hit F4, browse your database and drag the table (or a query for the same purpose) from the left pane onto a cell."* Pressing F4 puts up a box saying LibreOffice No cell references are found in the selected cells.

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It seems you are referring to https://forum.openoffice.org/en/forum.... That would have been good to mention in the question. On that page, Romke states, "In newer version of LO the key is changed from F4 to Ctrl+Shift +F4" (Oct 27, 2016).

Jim K gravatar imageJim K ( 2017-12-19 06:07:15 +0200 )edit

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answered 2017-12-18 23:10:39 +0200

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The correct key combination is Ctrl + Shift + F4. This is also accessible from menu View->Data Sources.

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