My work gets destroyed when I close the program

asked 2017-12-22 10:15:44 +0100

LizResumes gravatar image

I've been having so many problems with LO - first, it spazzes out after 3 pages, which FORCES me to have to close the program - then, after reopening the program, Half of my work is destroyed and literally have to start all over. This has happened SOOO many times, I'm really annoyed having to start ALLL over...

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We cannot help you if you don't give us something that we can use to narrow down what is causing your problems. Like: what kind of thing are you doing when Writer stops, do you insert huge pictures in a document, that kind of thing. Also add r he version of Libre and your operating system.

floris v gravatar imagefloris v ( 2017-12-22 10:59:45 +0100 )edit