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How to Change Default color palette in Calc

asked 2018-01-02 15:14:25 +0200

Necromancer gravatar image


I am simply like to change the default color palette of Calc. When i click on either the character or the backround color button it show a different palette instead what i would like so every time i have to change it... How can i change that to show the palette which i like at first?


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answered 2019-08-01 02:09:12 +0200

egor83 gravatar image

Advice from this thread worked for me.

I already had a palette I used - don't quite remember how I made it, probably using that same thread (eg this message), but I'm not 100% sure. There's also plenty of palettes linked throughout that thread.

Just changed the default palette to the new one, works so far; used these steps:

- go to the folder (yourhomedirectory)/.openoffice.org2/user/config/
- rename the file standard.soc to something else (for example to standard-backup.soc)
- copy or move the downloaded file (google.soc) in this folder, rename it to standard.soc
- restart Openoffice

You could adapt the soc file in a text editor to suit your needs.

Just one note - for me the location of a palette was as follows:

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