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Word images in LibreOffice 5

asked 2018-01-07 16:59:03 +0100

melsays gravatar image

When I open a Word document (Word for Mac 2011) in LibreOffice 5, most images are replaced by icon holders. (Fixes have been offered for earlier versions of LibreOffice, but not V.5.) Would appreciate a walk-thru.

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2 Answers

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answered 2018-01-08 16:37:48 +0100

melsays gravatar image

Well, that was the least helpful response I've ever seen, on any community board, for any program. But it was very nerdy.

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answered 2018-01-07 17:48:32 +0100


Step 1. Provide a better version information (LibreOffice 5 is not a proper version reference: it must have at least three parts in version number).

Step 1a. If you refer to "Fixes have been offered for earlier versions", then provide a link to such a fix.

Step 2. Provide a sample file to test (upload to a file sharing service, and post a link to your edited question).

Step 3 (possible): if it turns out that it's a bug, then file a bug report at bug tracker.

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