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Where is all pages with shown number?

asked 2018-01-08 18:03:26 +0200

VitaliyATim gravatar image

updated 2018-01-08 18:04:48 +0200

0) Writer - new document 1) Do few page somehow 2) Firs one as title (or as called here has First page style). Next one should be real first page. That mean title page just for title and have no number at all. That mean "all pages with shown number" = "all page in document minus one (minus title)"
3) Add auto field "all pages" - it show all pages plus one... second page hide somewhere (it's different question). Don't know... maybe somebody use it... I mean - this number. But I am not at all. I don't need wrong and unlogical (unlogical by document view) number of pages (or lists). Where I can find normal number of pages? Is it a bug and it should do minus one instead plus one?

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answered 2018-01-09 14:27:00 +0200

ajlittoz gravatar image

When a document consists of logically different parts with their own layout and/or independent numbering, consider page styles.

Each page style can define its own layout, header, footer and numbering (style, i.e. alphabetic or numeric, present or not and origin of numbering).

In your case, you need a page style for the cover page (title) without numbering at all. Your second page style is for the "contents" pages with standard numbering starting at one. If you need it, you can add another page style for the table of contents with its own numbering (frequently alphabetic, starting also at one).

You switch from one page style to another one with page breaks (manual or from paragraph styles) which can be associated with a specific page style.

Note that a page style may be forced to start on an odd-numbered page, which will automatically insert a blank page after your title (back of first page blank for duplex printing).

With this scheme, auxiliary pages (title, TOC, indexes, ...) are not included in the "contents" numbering which reflect the ordering of pages in the current part.

You are encouraged to read the chapters about styles in the Writer guide.

If I misunderstood your intent (in case you want the total number of "meaningful" pages), please excuse me and edit your question to better describe your need, despite the language barrier.

If this answer helped you, please accept it by clicking the check mark ✔ to the left and, karma permitting, upvote it. If this resolves your problem, close the question, that will help other people with the same question.

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answered 2018-01-08 21:49:24 +0200

Jim K gravatar image

updated 2018-01-09 14:32:55 +0200

Double-click on the page number field, which currently starts at 2 if I understand the question correctly.

edit fields for page number 2

Change the Offset value to -1 and then press OK. Now the page number starts at 1, as if not counting the title page.

page number 1

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No, please don't use page offsets for this! Page offset feature is for referencing other pages N pages from this one (a kind of "number of next/prev page"). The offset would not allow you to use ToC, e.g.; and would give you blanks on first/last pages (where the offset would refer to non-existent pages).

To define this page number, you should use page break properties (with page number).

The user had done something (like setting next page style to Right) to get the automatic blank.

Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2018-01-09 07:19:03 +0200 )edit

Thanks for catching this. Apparently, I wrote this very thing 8 years ago: "Warning: The offset field in the Edit Fields dialog provides a quick way to change the page numbers to start at 1. However, do not use this feature." I have in fact been using paragraph style page breaks in my own documents but did not remember when writing this answer.

Jim K gravatar imageJim K ( 2018-01-09 14:32:34 +0200 )edit

answered 2018-01-08 22:21:50 +0200

Grantler gravatar image

updated 2018-01-09 06:27:55 +0200

VitaliyATim wrote: Where I can find normal number of pages?

Is that right: You need a title page and a page for the Table of Contents, 2 pages, which don't count for the amount/sum of pages?!

If you want to diminish the Page Count you can insert a formula in the header/footer by proceeding like that:

  • Hit the F2 key (Text Formula editor appears just between the ruler and the toolbars)
  • write the formula page-2 resp. =page-2 - the amount of pages is subtracted by 2; instead of, say, 4 (pages) it shows 2 (pages)
  • The formula is not automatically updating; use Tools menu and update "all" or close and open your file

So you can "change/cheat" your amount of pages - if you like; that is a kind of weird "normalization"; but yet there are two more pages still existing.


Is it a bug and it should do minus one instead plus one?

Definitely no bug. Other word processing programs act the same way. It is only a state of being well informed... ;-)

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