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Trying to add MySQL connector [closed]

asked 2018-01-10 23:13:17 +0200

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updated 2020-12-02 11:18:56 +0200

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I recently installed LibreOffice on my 64 bit laptop and I want to access MySQL databases from Base. I know that I need a connectoy for MySQL so I downloaded the only connector I could find which is mysql-connector-ooo.oxt. When I try to add it I get the following popup message "The extension 'MySQL Connector' does not work on this computer." What am I doing wrong?

LO version is (x64)

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answered 2018-01-11 00:57:02 +0200

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updated 2018-03-27 22:59:52 +0200


Not sure from the description which version of the connector that is. It appears to be SDBC 1.0 which I have never gotten to work. There are multiple types of connectors for MySQL - SDBC, JDBC & ODBC. The easiest & fastest is probably the Native SDBC connector. V1.2.0 of the connector (works for me) can be found on this post. You can find JDBC connectors (ODBC also) on MySQL site - click here. The JDBC and ODBC connectors require more to set up than the native connector.

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