OpenSuse - V5.4.4.2 - Certificate Manager does not start - signing PDFs [closed]

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When trying to sign a PDF-File the certificate manager does not start when you a) start soffice b) select the menu "Sign existing PDF.." in the menu "File" c) the dialog appears, but when you press the button at the bottom "Show Certificate Manager" nothing happens (running libreoffice from the shell does not produce visible error messages).

The certificate manager also does not show up using the writer component, but there it does show existing GnuPG certificates and the signing works correctly. Sadly it does not for PDF-Files (generated by LibreOffice).

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In 5.4 there was no error message that was added later "Could not find any certificate manager". So problem is that LO doesn't see certificate manager. Not sure how it finds it. But please check whether it's installed and working.

Timur gravatar imageTimur ( 2018-02-28 11:40:05 +0200 )edit