Bookmark from new Context Menu command does not show in Navigator [closed]

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I've added a Bookmark command to my Context Menu Text menu. The Navigator "jumped " or jiggled when I added a bookmark, but the Bookmark or its Name did not appear.

No matter where (page) I place my cursor, when I open my Text Context menu, the Bookmark dialog only shows the newly added bookmark Page\Name (which does not show in Navigator), and seems to "insist" that I also added a bookmark of some highlighted text two lines below. That "phantom" book mark--while showing in the Bookmark dialog--also does Not show in the Navigator.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Hello @Orpheus99,

Can the phantom bookmark be deleted by selecting it in the Bookmark Dialog, and then pressing the Delete button?

I could not reproduce this behaviour on my LibreOffice Version: the added bookmarks all become visible in the Navigator ...

librebel gravatar imagelibrebel ( 2018-01-17 02:26:41 +0200 )edit