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Calc Lost menu bar

asked 2018-01-17 16:42:38 +0200

Shalom gravatar image

How can I get back the standard menu bar on Calc? I mistakenly clicked on something that lost the menu tool bar. Instead i have large square XP style tabs on top. I tried right clicking but there's no drop down menu at all.Please help me get back to the normal view? Thanks!

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answered 2018-01-17 18:07:50 +0200

librebel gravatar image

Hello @Shalom,

The Default Toolbar Layout can be set via the menu View : Toolbar Layout : Default.

The Standard Toolbar can be toggled on and off via the menu View : Toolbars : Standard.

The Normal View can be restored by choosing the menu View : Normal.

HTH, lib

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OP had lost the menu!

Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2018-01-17 18:40:23 +0200 )edit

Yes, but further on the OP says "menu tool bar" with tabs on it, so i was guessing the Tool bar was meant.

librebel gravatar imagelibrebel ( 2018-01-17 18:52:07 +0200 )edit

answered 2018-01-17 19:43:18 +0200

I suppose that what you describe is Notebookbar (LibreOffice experimental UI) - you can google for that if you want images :). Depending on its layout, it may have its special menu button (the one with three horizontal lines) at the right or left part. Also (in some older initial versions) it might have no such button in some layouts, and it might be not visible on small screens.

So, if you cannot locate that button (which may bring the menubar back), then your only option is to reset user profile (there's another obscure method using Expert Configuration that is still available from Start Center, but I will not describe it here).

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