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Is it possible to open every program of libreoffice with a different, previously given zoom value?

asked 2018-01-19 11:26:05 +0100

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Normally, without modification, I open for example a writer document, save it with a zoom of 120%. THe next time i'll open a writer document, it opens with 120% also. This behaviour is ok.

But now I open my base document and it will open with a zoom of 120% too. Can I modify the settings that the base prog will start with a zoom of , f. e. 85% instead of 120% and the writer remains with 120%?

Or can I modify the document settings/properties that each document will open with it's last zoom?


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answered 2020-10-27 11:43:46 +0100

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updated 2020-10-27 17:35:16 +0100


Not sure if this helps, in Base I tend to open different forms at different zoom levels by running a macro

Sub zoomit Thiscomponent.currentController.ViewSettings.ZoomType = Thiscomponent.currentController.ViewSettings.ZoomValue = 84 End Sub

from the Tools, Customise, Open Document event, the same macro works with Writer as well.

About last zoom I do not know.

kind regards

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