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Service manager is not available? [closed]

asked 2013-03-12 03:13:17 +0200

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I've just installed 3.6 and I'm getting this error message when I login from a non-admin account:

Error message produced at start of application from user account:

LibreOffice 3.6 - Fatal Error
The program cannot be started.
The service manager is not abailable.
file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/LibreOffice%203.6/program/../share/extensions/presenter-screen/components.rdb: duplicate
Start setup application to repair the installation from CD, or the folder
containing the insallation packages.

Windows 7 SP1 64-bit
LO Version (Build ID: 5b93205)

Runs in Admin account, but not in user account. From user account can be run when "run as administrator."

Have done repair, uninstall and reinstall to no avail.

Installed 3.6 after uninstalling 3.5.

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answered 2013-03-13 00:24:04 +0200

manj_k gravatar image


I've seen your corresponding bug report on Bugzilla:
Bug 62253 - Service manager is not available error message at startup of write and calc (maybe all).

That's strange, because this(?) bug has been fixed in LibreOffice 3.6.1,
see these questions/answers on AskLibO:

Libreoffice 3.6.0 always crash after install. Why?
(You may try the mentioned workaround)

LibreOffice fails to start after update -- UNO Exception: InvalidRegistryException: ... duplicate ...
(with the same error message).

Maybe, you'll find there some helpful hints.

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answered 2013-03-12 23:37:31 +0200

qubit gravatar image

Hi @Howard13,

Looks like you're getting an error similar to one mentioned in a post to the dev list about a year ago:

As mentioned in that thread:

The cause for this should now be fixed...However, those who ran into it... need to manually remove the extensions/bundled and/or extensions/shared folders from their per-user configuration data (e.g., on Linux ~/.config/libreoffice/3/user/exensions/bundled). The corresponding data should automatically be recreated on next start of LO.

Alternatively, LibreOffice 4.0 uses a new path to store the User Profile:


So if you were to install LO 4.0, I believe that your problems might just go away! :-)

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