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I use Arch Linux and whenever I try to edit dialog in LO it freezes, loading single core of the CPU to 100%, making me to force quit/kill the process. I've searched internet for the answers, but only found out Fedora bug (i also tried to use gtk2/gtk3, jdk/openjdk). If i try to edit dialog from any place other than macro editing app just freezes, if i try to edit dialog when a macro is open, it shows me the form, but still hangs. I tried latest versions both from repo and the official site.

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Exact same issue here on Fedora 27. Open the Basic editor works fine, but as soon as I doubleclick a newly created dialog, calc/basic freezes. Reproduce;

  • Freshly open Calc
  • Menu Tools/Macro/Edit Macros
  • Menu Tools/Macro/Organize Dialogs
  • Add a new dialog anywhere (no matter if on mydialogs or in the new document)
  • doubleclick the new dialog
  • Calc freezes

Reopen a saved document with a dialog, I can sometimes edit the dialog, but eventually it freezes.

Ardego gravatar imageArdego ( 2018-02-06 18:09:07 +0100 )edit