RTF fields in mail merge

asked 2018-02-13 20:17:10 +0200

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I have a spreadsheet with formatted data in one column as a data source. I then set up a template in writer and mail merge from the source. I can't find any way to have the data in the merged field keep the same formatting, colours etc.. as in the spreadsheet. I can copy/paste special as rtf into the documents produced after the merge, which gives a perfect result, but kind of misses the point of mail merge :) I understand that this problem is a consequence of how the data is moved between the two applications. I have tried things like using DDE links but nothing seems to work. I have no skills in using macro's. So... is there a work-around which I am missing or is this something which could potentially be added as an option to libre office.. it would be MASSIVELY useful!

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Feature request should be posted at Bugzilla. Developers are not using this site for that. Search Bugzilla first as someone maybe asked for this already. Comment on existing feature request if exists. File new request if it doesn't, but be aware that information of Bugzilla is publicly available and can not be deleted. User's mailing list can be helpful for getting that work-around.

Kruno gravatar imageKruno ( 2018-02-14 10:32:01 +0200 )edit